Boppa’s Bagels

The bagels were my copilot.

Barreling down I-29 and back home for a few days before the start of a new semester, I wanted one. I decided to wait, but it was tough.

The aggressive scent of onion and garlic permeated my car, pushing me to drive faster in order to get to my toaster and smear one with butter, a steaming cup of strong coffee nearby to wash it down.

I may like bagels a bit too much.

Having grown up in the northern plains, they weren’t an everyday thing, a dry piece of toast the likely accompaniment to a normal breakfast.

But my first taste of an “everything” bagel was divine. The chewy outside, the crunchy sesame and poppy seeds, the salt, the garlic and onion. It is, to me, the ultimate bagel. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Good bagels, you might ask, in Fargo?!


Why yes, yes there is! And Boppa’s Bagels may be the best in the area. I’ll get back to you on that after further research.

But I was overjoyed to find this tiny shop on S. 25h St. that also supplies grocery stores, hospitals, Concordia and MSUM.

The place has been around since 2001, baking fresh every day. There are 30 different bagels and 18 flavors of cream cheese on offer. One bagel is .99.


Bagel varieties include cheddar, sun-dried tomato, asiago cheese, pesto tomato, french toast, peanut butter, mocha chip, pumpernickel and quite a few more. Choose, among others, from very berry, garden veggies, maple walnut or jalapeno cream cheese.

Try a hot breakfast sandwich like the South of the Border ($5.19), with eggs, guacamole, jalapeno cream cheese, green chili peppers, onion and salsa on the side. Or go for the no-doubt delicious Eggs and Lox sandwich ($8.79).


Alright, enough bagel porn.

You can also get deli sandwiches like the Albacore Tuna Salad sandwich ($5.54), the Chicago Bagel Dog ($3.99) or the Cashew Chicken Salad sandwich ($5.54) among others.

Oh yeah, there’s also burgers, soups, wraps and panini.

There’s a ton to try, and I aim to do just that.

Boppa, I’ll be back.


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