Sonic Drive-In coming to Fargo

It looks like “more than one” Sonic Drive-In will be gracing the great city of Fargo in the coming years. We could see our first in as little as 18 months, according to a Forum Communications article.

I’ve never had the privilege of trying anything there, but I hear rave reviews about their burgers, hot dogs and their more than 398,000 fountain drink and slush combinations available, like slushes, limeades and something they call “ocean water (“blue…with a hint of coconut”).

Now burgers are great and all, but the draw for me is their selection of encased meats like the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney dog or the Chicago Dog. I’ve had some real Chicago-style dogs in Chicago, so I’ll be interested to see if theirs stacks up.

Sonic offers sides like (gimme some of your) tots including chili cheese tots, onion rings, “Ched R’ Peppers,” mozzarella sticks and fries.

How excited are you?!


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