F-M’s Celtic Festival

I had a great time at the 10th annual Celtic Festival in Moorhead today. It was my first time at the festival, too.

The best thing, to me, was the “meal deal,” a plate of corned beef and cabbage, “colcannon” potatoes, root vegetables, soda bread and a shortbread cookie. Oh, and lemonade.


In case you’re interested, those “colcannon” potatoes are apparently an Irish staple, consisting of potatoes and kale or cabbage. This variety appeared to have the red potato skins included.

There was also a multitude of musical festivities like Celtic bands, bagpipers and traditional dancers. I think I’ll hit it up next year as well.

And because this is a food blog, a bit about the food: The corned beef was spot-on. It was wonderfully tender and appropriately fatty. Hey, this is not diet food.

Apparently corned beef has a bad name? I grew up having it, mostly around St. Patrick’s Day, even though there isn’t a drop of Celtic blood in my extended family. It’s delicious when cooked properly (slowly).

Did you go to the Celtic Festival this year?


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