Aladdin’s Cafe

I love a good gyro.

Shawarma is my bag, bro.

I make baklava my bitch!

And Aladdin’s Cafe can satisfy that itch.

I checked out the 32nd Ave. S. location  and there’s another location on 6th Ave N. called Cafe Aladdin, both owned by the same people, as far as I know.

photo 2 (1)

The south location is in a little strip mall, set up where you order at the front and wait while the cook whips up the meal.

Walking up to the counter, where there’s little desserts behind glass, my eye latched onto the squares of gooey baklava. I couldn’t wait to crunch through the many layers of crunchy, delicate pastry. Naturally, I ordered dessert first.



I also got the jumbo chicken gyro and my lunch mate got the Spanakopita, which is spinach and feta mixed with onions, lemon, olive oil and spices. It came with a side order of french fries, oddly enough, that were covered with a reddish spice that didn’t have much taste. But I didn’t expect the french fries to be good, anyway.

Jumbo chicken gyro

Jumbo chicken gyro

The gyro I found to be pretty tasty, nothing mind-blowing. It was, indeed, jumbo. The chicken pieces were tender and nicely spiced. The lettuce was unfortunately the iceberg variety you so often find, but the light tzatziki sauce was delicious.



The hummus was fine. Also nothing really amazing.

Now, the baklava was the real star of the show. I think it’s made in house, judging by how it was cut and wrapped. I would go back for a box of it any time.

Beautiful baklava

Beautiful baklava

Alladin’s Cafe is perfect for when you just need to satisfy that craving for some Middle Eastern food, specifically gyros. I’ll probably be back.


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