Jade Dragon

There are few things better in life than a well-prepared bowl of pho.

(And before we go any further, it’s pronounced fuh, not faux.)

I tried a great version with moist and tasty grilled chicken at Cafe 21 a few months ago. And a couple places in the Twin Cities have nearly unbeatable versions. But the pho at Jade Dragon came close.


Jade Dragon is a pretty nondescript place in a strip mall right off of Main Ave. in Fargo. It’s Vietnamese and Chinese food, but I bypassed the typical Chinese dishes you can find pretty much anywhere. From looking around at other diners and their food, it looks like the Chinese stuff is done well.


I started with some pretty large spring rolls with moist barbecued pork and the other requisite ingredients. They were pretty spot-on, delivered with a sweet soy-based sauce and a healthy squirt of sriracha on the side.



My bowl of pho was out fast, along with the normal accompaniments of bean sprouts, Thai basil and lime. The broth in Jade Dragon’s version was heavier on the anise flavor than others I’ve tried, but it was welcome. I got the tofu and vegetable version and the veggies were fresh and crisp, while the tofu was nicely fried and held up well to the steaming broth.

Service was pretty much perfect, attentive but not overly so. I’ll gladly come back to Jade Dragon to try out other menu items along with another bowl of pho, especially on a cold winter day.


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