I’m back.

Let’s start this post with a little Steve Winwood.

I’m back, kids. Sure, we’ve kept up with each other on Facebook and Twitter, but you just need more, right?

That’s why I’m officially back on the blogging bandwagon, finding the best food in Fargo.

If there’s anything you would like to see going forward or you have some questions/comments, please leave a comment here or find me on social media. It’s easy.


ICYMI: Guest post on Prairie Style File

In case you missed it earlier this week, I had the opportunity to write a guest post for the amazing Alicia at Prairie Style File, a great local blog that you should really check out if you haven’t yet. It’s not just fashion, it’s art and food and all sorts of neat stuff.

Anyway, here is a taste of the post and a link to the full post:

Having grown up in a smaller Midwestern town, as you might have, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of new or exotic ideas, let alone new or exotic foods.

There was a Pakistani place in Grand Forks I remember having gone to with my dad. The only thing I’d touch was the dessert, and that I didn’t really like. I even turned my nose up at an expensive entree of prime rib. I didn’t like mustard until I was 15, while I will now gladly chow down on prime rib, I still harbor an extreme hatred of mayonnaise to this day.

Head to Prairie Style File for the full post!

How to shop specialty markets

For some of us, shopping at the growing number of specialty shops may be a daunting task. In Fargo and Moorhead, there are quite a few Asian grocery stores, at least one Halal market and a new European market.

But if you don’t know what some of the items are, how are you to know what to do with them?

Alicia over at the super, fantastically awesome blog, Prairie Style File, explored that problem and offers quite a few great tips, some that I plan to put into practice.

I love seeing more and more of these places. They’re great to find exotic ingredients at unbelievably cheap prices. And the owners and workers can provide a vast wealth of knowledge. You just need to ask.

More ethnic grocers, please

I say the more we get, the better. 

Good news.

I noticed a bunch of Asian grocery stores on Main in Fargo. Have yet to check them out, though. 

Are there any you frequent? Don’t be shy.